Futures post for Week beginning Tuesday 9/2/2014 $E6_F $ZN_F $ZB_F

Trends continue up for US Treasuries and down the Euro. Same as it ever was, weekend pundits, armchair quarterbacks and “end of the world” notwithstanding. Like all other charts, all prices are weekly price bars and stops are suggested as a starting point for consideration. All traders have to decide for themselves how to identify and manage the risk.


stop 123-28+


stop 136-16+


stop 1.335+

Trades in 60 Seconds: $AAPL $CENX $GGP $GS $PEIX $SLCA $TLT

A lot of narratives for each of these tickers, all at new highs, and with elevated trading volumes, BUT the common denominator, regardless of stock, sector or story, is PRICE. As always I filter on a weekly price basis, with an eye for how new or old the trend is, how much volume was traded in recent periods and dollar volume of the trade. Suggested entries are based upon the closing price of the most recent weekly price bar, and suggested stops are offered to give a sense of the suggested dollar risk per share. It’s up to each trader to decide the cost of the risk, exposure (i.e. size), based upon their respective systems. Maybe some or none are useful to you, but it’s up to your system.


entry 102.5, stop: 97.6


entry 25, stop: 22


entry 24.6, stop: 23.5


entry 179, stop: 171.1


entry 23.1, stop: 19.6


entry 71.8, stop: 63.9


entry 119, stop: 115.2

Trades in 60 Seconds: $GILD vs. $GSK ;$AKS $FOLD $SPR $RIG $SSI $DO $PSQ

The winners keep winning, and the “losers” keep losing. For every $GILD success story we see $GSK “losers”. BUT from a “trend following” point of view, you can win from declining shares via stepping aside or going “short” speculations that were once long favorites. The goal is to observe price and act accordingly.


highlighted in earlier posts, AK Steel continues to climb.


entry 5.87 , stop: 4.5


another highlighted “long” idea, Gilead continues to have life


entry 5.6, stop: 5.5


entry 37.6 stop: 34.4


Oil service related stock prices keep drilling down
entry 43.2 (short) stop: 47.1


This pharma giant’s share price is in decline
entry 47.7 stop: 50.1


entry 15.7 stop: 16.4


entry 37.9 stop: 41.4


entry 16.6 stop: 19

Trade ideas for 8/25/2014: From MACRO to MICRO $XLK $XLV $XLY $ABCB $AHS $BH $ECHO $LABL $MITT $MMSI $MOVE $PMC

From the MACRO (ETF), down to the MICRO (caps), we see lots of highs. TECH and HEALTH dominate at both the ETF level down to micro-cap stocks that help make up iShares Russell microcap ETF (IWC). Below are presented interesting weekly charts, from a price and volume perspective, with a 5 and 20 sma overlay to lend a little context. Entries, as usual, are presented as the weekly close from the latest week, with a SUGGESTED stop (what you do with your system and capital is your business).


entry: 40.1 stop: 30.6


entry: 62.9 stop: 60.4


entry: 68.6 stop: 65.9


entry: 23.3 stop: 21.7


entry: 15.05 stop: 13.07


entry: 365 (short) stop: 407


entry: 25.4 stop: 23.5


entry: 45.25 stop: 39.6


entry: 19.5 stop: 18.8


entry: 12.2 (short) stop: 14.2


entry: 16 stop: 13.6


entry: 25.6 (short)  stop: 28.8

Sometimes things take time: $ILMN and Gene sequencing costs

I recall being a somewhat younger investor/trader looking at ideas a decade ago and Illumina seemed pie-in-the-sky, and was stock that traded in the low digits at one time. I traded it and have regretted ever since, for having sold those shares long ago. Secular trends, like all worthy speculative ventures, take time to foster and nurture into maturity, including: marriage, fixer-upper first homes, salvaging a debt-laden balance sheet (for nations and individuals alike), and not just new industries.



(source: http://datarep.tumblr.com/post/95553089298/cost-of-sequencing-a-whole-human-genome-over-time )



(source: http://www.barchart.com)

Market ebullience levels up across the board. Any discussion about “tops” and “bottoms” can be stressful, so don’t bother.


The market has presented all kinds of “long” ideas, in a variety of industries, classes. The above list is just a sampling of the ones that made it for review tonight on a rolling weekly price action review. I can’t call tops or bottoms, and it would be too stressful to make the “call”. I have read recent postings RE: Shiller/CAPE, Gundlach, Chanos in addition to price following systemic/rules based traders. All you can do is focus on risk management, so that WHEN the turn does come, you’re able to keep most of your “chips” and play the new short/sell trend (or at least sit it out, like one of Jesse Livermore’s inspirations, at some mountainside retreat or other tranquil/fun setting).

New Segment, FUTURES IDEAS: 10 Year Treasuries $ZN_F $ZS_F $ZC_F $CC_F $KC_F

A new segment post, for futures contracts, with suggested charts and potential stop loss prices.
10 year treasuries continue to be a long, “softs” are long, grains just keep getting lower. I don’t know where the turn is in rates. I can’t do bottoms or top calls either in softs or grains, but I can calculate stops and suggested them as “food for thought” (pardon the pun).


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 126-17, suggested stop loss 124-15.


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 1048-4, suggested stop loss 1131


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 376-6, suggested stop loss 410-4


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 3243, suggested stop loss 3097


Weekly Chart, 08/15/14 close 193+, suggested stop loss 163+