Futures Chart $SB_F $SGG :SUGAR CRASH continues

A dramatic decline since early July 2014 continues for SUGAR. Bottom seekers are likely in attendance, and their longs would have been caramelized to a crisp these last 2 months. Price followers have likely been short since the first two weeks of July. If one dares to short the sweet stuff, a suggested stop loss might be 46.0 for $SGG shorts as of the September 12, 2014 close of about 42 (or about $400 per round lot), or a stop loss at about 15 cents for the futures version as of the recent close @13.75+ cents (at 112,000 pounds per contract, that’s a risk of about $1400 per contract). SGG_091514 SBV14_091514

Trades in 60 Seconds: $DO $ESV $FHN $FMC $GS $KSS $LUV $MS $PCL $RIG $SCHW $SNY


Despite the current daily market “shakeup”,it looks like “trouble” for the less time tolerant traders. For traders who employ weekly price bars, useful in much longer time frames, it looks like “business as usual”. Employing my systems’ price following and volume filtered rules, the below sampling seems dominated by Wall Street investment banks (UP), oil service companies (DOWN).


entry 39.8,stop 43.6


entry 46.25 ,stop 50


entry 12.5,stop 11.8


entry 62.4,stop 66


entry 183.1,stop 173.8


entry 60.4,stop 56.5


entry 33.8,stop 31.2


entry 35,stop 32.8


entry 39.6,stop 41.5


entry 35.8,stop 38.9


entry 29.5,stop 27.4


entry 56.4,stop 53

“Perseverance is like a fire that needs oxygen. Love is the oxygen…”- James Altucher

From James Altucher’s Step By Step Guide to Make $10 Million: Perseverance, Love, Value & Business

“Perseverance is like a fire that needs oxygen.

Love is the oxygen for perseverance.

Ultimately, you create value for people and that’s how you build the love.

Business is just the delivery mechanism of that love.

Then love + perseverance = abundance.”

from http://www.jamesaltucher.com

Trades in 60 sec for week of 9/8/2014 $ADM $CMCSA $EEM $EWW $FXI $GGP $HCN $HD $LOW $PBR $PSX $TSLA $TSO $UAL $VWO $XLB $XLY

A cross section of charts, with weekly price bars, new highs, elevated trading volume, captures home improvement and retail, low oil cost plays (refining/airlines), emerging markets, and in a category all its own, Tesla. :)

Below are the charts, with entry prices based upon the friday close of the last weekly price bar. A suggested stop is put in place but it’s not written in concrete or “right”, but based upon one of the systems I use to help me determine the rough amount of dollar risk per share on a trade. You can do as you wish. Some may go, “but how do you do it”? I’ll suggest the rules that are already out there, and suggest you risk 1/2 up to 2% of your capital, with 1/2 to 1% risk as my preferred risk (I like the idea of sleeping and not waking up in a cold sweat so that’s my suggestion). Take the difference between the entry and stop, use that dollar amount as the denominator under the dollar value of say 1% of your funds being used. That gives you a rough guide.

EXAMPLE below, using $ADM. We see entry of 50.36. We see a stop of 48.10. 50.36 -48.10 = 2.26.
Let’s pretend you have 100,000 to work with. 1% of that is 1,000. $1000/2.26 =what? That’s how many shares you might put at risk, 442 shares @50.36 approximate entry. That’s the most direct way of explaining the process. It’s not perfect. Maybe you use a variation of William O’Neil’s 7% risk rule and do this too, but you better be lucky enough to have your winners pay for your loser trades. OH YES, you will have trades that go bust. So you fold your cards and play again. Pardon that analogy, it’s NOT meant to be flippant, but you must understand the game layer aspect of the investment and speculative business we are in. Risk IS OUR business.


entry 50.36 stop 48.10+


entry 26.3 stop 24.6


entry 53.4 stop 53.4


entry 127 stop 122


entry 45.85 stop 44.25


entry 73 stop 70.6


entry 42.5 stop 40.5


entry 24.96 stop 23.9+


entry 68.3 stop 65.4


entry 54.1 stop 50.5


entry 87.5 stop 82.9


entry 277.4 stop 247.6


entry 66.6 stop 60.6


entry 50.7 stop 45.2


entry 46.5 stop 49.9


entry 50.66 stop 49.25


entry 69.26 stop 67.2

Futures post for Week beginning Tuesday 9/2/2014 $E6_F $ZN_F $ZB_F

Trends continue up for US Treasuries and down the Euro. Same as it ever was, weekend pundits, armchair quarterbacks and “end of the world” notwithstanding. Like all other charts, all prices are weekly price bars and stops are suggested as a starting point for consideration. All traders have to decide for themselves how to identify and manage the risk.


stop 123-28+


stop 136-16+


stop 1.335+

Trades in 60 Seconds: $AAPL $CENX $GGP $GS $PEIX $SLCA $TLT

A lot of narratives for each of these tickers, all at new highs, and with elevated trading volumes, BUT the common denominator, regardless of stock, sector or story, is PRICE. As always I filter on a weekly price basis, with an eye for how new or old the trend is, how much volume was traded in recent periods and dollar volume of the trade. Suggested entries are based upon the closing price of the most recent weekly price bar, and suggested stops are offered to give a sense of the suggested dollar risk per share. It’s up to each trader to decide the cost of the risk, exposure (i.e. size), based upon their respective systems. Maybe some or none are useful to you, but it’s up to your system.


entry 102.5, stop: 97.6


entry 25, stop: 22


entry 24.6, stop: 23.5


entry 179, stop: 171.1


entry 23.1, stop: 19.6


entry 71.8, stop: 63.9


entry 119, stop: 115.2

Trades in 60 Seconds: $GILD vs. $GSK ;$AKS $FOLD $SPR $RIG $SSI $DO $PSQ

The winners keep winning, and the “losers” keep losing. For every $GILD success story we see $GSK “losers”. BUT from a “trend following” point of view, you can win from declining shares via stepping aside or going “short” speculations that were once long favorites. The goal is to observe price and act accordingly.


highlighted in earlier posts, AK Steel continues to climb.


entry 5.87 , stop: 4.5


another highlighted “long” idea, Gilead continues to have life


entry 5.6, stop: 5.5


entry 37.6 stop: 34.4


Oil service related stock prices keep drilling down
entry 43.2 (short) stop: 47.1


This pharma giant’s share price is in decline
entry 47.7 stop: 50.1


entry 15.7 stop: 16.4


entry 37.9 stop: 41.4


entry 16.6 stop: 19