Interesting price breakouts as of Nov.13, 2012: $DDS $HD $KFT short $AXP $POT $WFC $ESRX

NOT many real longs in this “cash is not trash” space.


Uncle Sam’s paper is golden here:


Sales and shorts abound:

Some serious 200 Day action here:


And we have the headline names, with 100 Day+ movement:


One thing that sticks out from this smattering of tickers are big old techs, big energies and some former “growthy” favorites have all been selling off.

Grains for sale, including Rough Rice, which was a hot property in 2008/9,  now not so much. (Editorial, at some point I think there’ll be some serious manic sharp elbows over farmland, but that kind of idea is not for this specific post.)

$ZR_F aka $RR_F

Coffee sales are brewing



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