Interesting Price Breakouts Apr. 21, 2013: 10,000 feet view of big moves Pt. 1

Right now, there is a sea change in price trends, and what was once in favor has fallen into disrepute in the raw material space, as most dramatically displayed by the decline in base and precious metals. Conversely, what has been left for dead and in decline, natural gas, the Nikkei and the USD AGAINST the Japanese Yen, has come alive with double digit rapidity. Prices for utilities shares have supplanted hot IBD-style growth issues as among the most buoyant, yield scarcity leads to share purchase rabidity. You would think in a market awash with quantitative easing, with arid islands of first-world austerity experiencing less than “beautiful” defaults of an unsavory nature, that gold and Apple bugs could take comfort in either “unprintable” money and/or an unstoppable cult appeal with massive earnings. Yet we are reminded there are no guarantees or safe havens anywhere to be found.

We’ve all seen these charts before, and this omnibus presentation is meant to anchor your memories to a snapshot just before we embark upon the hackneyed “Sell in May” about to unfold.

NO Country for Safe Haven:

Precious metal prices of late have lost their shine for the moment.




The Diagnosis from Dr. Copper is dire:


Perhaps all the warehouses in China cannot rescue us. Either way, prices command, and traders must obey.

Grain prices have been ground up:

Wheat is all wet:


With a multi-decade record planting ahead, Corn prices have come “a cropper”:


Soy is also sad:


Some “softs” have gotten softer, and softer:

Sugar prices meets Mr.Market on “atkins diet”:


Some MIGHTY TRENDS continue, notwithstanding “mean reversion”, batwing formations and other voodoo analysis:

A Yen to short like never before: Let us recall that the Yen has been “overvalued” for some time.


Japanese money and traders run for cover and the still “cheap” Nikkei continues higher:


Energetic rise to Natural Gas:

More than hot air? We’ll see.

Crude price looks increasingly rude:

And now for “home”:

I “SPY” a test of the 50 day and potential sell-off, consolidation. (Eyes on MARGIN DEBT is what’s really on my mind)


Dow has been a yield seeker refuge, for now:


The name is Bond, 30 year Bond…


The 10 Year looks terrific in the near-term:

Canadian dollar, and a looming housing/credit bust makes for “loonie” action ahead:



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