Ideas (stop) as of July 19, 2013: a quickie list $SPY $IWM $BAC at the top

As the format goes weekly, with ideas posted weekly, I may post some daily trades with stops and any random thoughts that fire through my head.

It’s just lots of longs lately. Lots of short covering and lots of trepidation out there on a regular basis.

The backdrop for the trading routine it seems is rinse and repeat, up, up, down, up, down, down,up. This flatland of a trading universe coalesced over a decade ago. Plenty of others have provided coverage, I’m just venting here.

Years of centrally-managed chaos in the markets provides a weak balm for debt deflation denial, peppered with technological hiccups in the form of broken trades in exchanges, nano-time scale quote stuffing and geopolitical sea change, producing moments wherein price trends are realized with “A-Ha” climaxes. There are, however, no meaningful epiphanies to be had, except with loved ones and friends, away from the trading desks. You can only sit still so long, like an inbred sovereign within the kingdom of your imagination, trying to devine meaning, fitfully from the shadow puppet theatre played out in your mind’s cave, before you see you are only trading price and expectations and the risk pricing schema distilled from, consciously or not, your inner dramatic monologue.

In the meantime, there are people who are making real change, raising money, meeting payroll, producing and shipping. We can trade off the shadows cast by the light of real risk taking.

Enough onanistic cogitation, some trade thoughts:

1B+ USD Market volume USD scale
SPY 161.8
IWM 99.1
BAC 13.6
ES_F 1600
YM_F 14815
JPM 52.2
DIA 149.4
WFC 41.3
MS 24.8

<1B USD market volume
XOM 90.1
UNH 65.2
XLF 19.7
BA 98.5
IVV 162.9
BIDU 98.5
JCI 37.5
DD 53.7
LNKD 179.8
AIG 43.1
XLNX 42.2
GILD 52.5

<500M USD
XLI 42.8
MDY 213.8
SLB 73.3
EMC 23.8
SSO 78.2
SINA 57.6
MMM 109.9
ESRX 62.5
DAL 18
AET 59.2
NUS 72.5
V 179.6
NTAP 38.1
UTX 95.7
WLP 80.9
COF 62.4

There's more below 250M USD but these are notes, I'll do a more comprehensive weekly posting after friday closes and post during the weekend.


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