Just got a brain burst; an idea about a new present reality for “television” and “film”

Imagine a platform and a medium where shows like “Firefly” got the funding and had a season 3, 4, 5, etc. for as long as creatives and fans could make it.

Entertainment media that was a 21st century version of the Little Rascals, doing “Our Gang” barn shows to raise money, to save an orphanage or whatever the kids were up to.

Imagine Kickstarter/Crowd Funded “LIKES” of television pilots, existing shows, independent and feature films, seeking a home on a network and/or distribution to every screen hooked up to the Internet. Imagine the fan base was so big and loyal, that the idea of Soap Opera was supplanted by the Fan Opera and shows went to Netflix/AmazonGo/OnlineDemandPlatform nascent original programming outlets, instead of the “Big Three” that used to be a wealthy B&W video analog transmission troika.

We’ve gone from $1 funding of political campaigns to the far less serious, important but no less significant move to fund with millions of $1 likes all kinds of fresh, entertaining, market desired entertainment/information programming.

Fans fund the show with USD-accounted/funded/coupled “Likes” or thumbsup, green light the scripts and fund a season of Firefly in this alternate media reality, and buy their own shows. A million executive producer credits would now be involved in the creation of a show, funded by the fans, written in part (by some of the fans), and casted with famous/not so famous fans.

It’s the Veronica Mars kickstarter as the mainstream method of movie production. It’s where owners of current hot properties, in need of a home hire agents versed in social media and discussion, to help raise enough crowd capital to fund another new season/remake or revival of a show.

YES, LOL, Futurama would live on YET AGAIN, for the umpteenth time.

The dark side would be the Kardashians of the world gamed the system, but that is the price of having an open source media entertainment platform.


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