Watching Moneyball again, the markets and life

So many ideas in the film and the book.

Billy Beane not watching games feels like not watching the ticker. Beane focusing on getting on base, feels like doing what I do, day after day, week after week, month after month.

Focusing on the costs of “getting on base” feels familiar doesn’t it? No wonder so many on “the Street” relate to this book and film.

I can relate to and embrace re-invention accompanied by a passionate focus on details and process. I can understand the problem of resistance by older ways of doing things that feel more “comfortable” and “conventional”.

I love at the end how Beane meets with John W. Henry, a famous sports team owner, billionaire, and former systems based trader, who never finished from college but was a numbers and systems maven.

A recent exchange with a friend and fellow trader helped me to think to about my circumstances. I am grateful for every piece and moment of inspiration to help me think about my own game going forward.

I’ve been on a steady path forward since last late summer but now, in the deep marrow of winter, it’s hard to remind myself I’m playing the “long game”. My long game is in its “early innings” moving forward but not yet upward. Looking past the day to day, I’m working towards returning to a state of personal grace. The process of rediscovering an “endless summer”, punctuated with occasional torrents but never truly interrupted, takes time.

I recently told a friend “18 months, man, 18 months”. My friend thought,”hey man it will take longer than that” and another said,”hey don’t say that it will take that long”. My point was we don’t see “change” until we pause, reflect and look back. For me, I paused and noticed 18 month moments in my life. And I am looking forward to that next moment, having rolled steadily downhill until the late summer in 2013, completing what was in fact also an 18 month road of tears, involving almost every aspect of my life. It was at that moment that a great mentor picked me up and there began a braking of the decline and a turnaround. It was then that the game nearly ended for me, but it was also the moment I began to change the game and myself in the process.

18 months until I can pause and observe that in fact my “endless summer” began again but didn’t “feel” that way until that pause. Here’s to being like the Oakland A’s, a club with a small bankroll but winning with big ideas, great process, discipline and passion.

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