Elon Musk in Oslo and in the future

Elon Musk in Oslo $TSLA


Secular change.

From Musk:

“We really hope that the big car companies do copy Tesla. When you consider what is the fundamental good that Tesla will achieve from a global societal standpoint, the biggest positive impact that we will have is by getting the rest of the car industry to move towards sustainable transport faster. I think that’s really important. So copying Tesla is nothing to be concerned about, I wish they would do it faster, and I don’t know why they are taking so long.”

Musk’s language describes someone who is not playing by the rules of his CURRENT “competitors”. He is in fact not planning to develop his business over the long-term in their “space”, encapsulated within the corners of four wheels (not that the competitors grasp this in the context of their institutional culture). Musk in fact invites them to join him in his arena and leave behind a way of doing things developed over a century.

If you think about the nature of the transportation and the power grid, this is early days yet.


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