Four trades under consideration $BAM $EPI $MO $WMB

Four different ideas with one reason to go long, price. $BAM $EPI $MO $WMB

MO a/k/a Altria f/k/a Philip Morris is a dividend standard in a “vice” investment, in an environment currently in flux.

EPI a/k/a India is a BRIC play that surprises after the current dismay over emerging markets. (Recent comments from Gundlach lend a macro/fundy flavor that hints that late shorts could be in for stop loss exits.)

Both BAM WMB tell an infrastructure/energy story that is compelling.

We hear risk-off, taper, slowing growth but how does that jibe with emerging markets and cyclical/infrastructure trades moving up? (short covering? real pockets of prosperity?) It’s all about price and keeping an eye on risk, the answers reveal themselves almost as an afterthought to the trader.





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