trade ideas as of July 11, 2014: A mixed bag $EXK to $XL

EVERY week, I observe if there are trades of interest, from a price following point of view, via weekly charts.

My systems use different rules but they end up converging at the crossroads of price.

Below are this week’s “new” ideas (new to me) which popped up. I like to present simple weekly charts with a couple of averages and volume as my guide, just to keep the lists down to a manageable size or else the posts would be voluminous.

Some observations overall, this past week I noticed insurance related plays and see lots of highs with below recent average volumes. Part of it is summer, part of it is the “stock buyback” macro, the diversion of trading dollars to futures and options market mechanics reality but in the end I think it’s okay if we adhere to price AND risk management.

Inspired by other like minded traders I am considering how to shake up the format of this blog, which has essentially served as a trading notebook, which I’ve shared via tumblr, twitter and stocktwits. I will continue to do more writing, with a long format, on subjects of fascination. I’ve noticed I like to write about historical backdrops to ideas, and I hoe to continue that in conjunction with trading technique and actionable ideas. I will continue to post short form posts like this, where I let the charts do the talking. Lastly, I will explore a fun youtube based presentation of specific ideas with humor and brevity.







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