Precious few longs but they exist $CENX $EXPE $HOLX $ICBA $PEIX

There are NOT a lot of longs here. In fact my “favorite”, has already been highlighted by twitter and stocktwit traders @JBoorman and @theturtlefollower (two must follows and very nice guys), that idea being Expedia, $EXPE.

Price tells the tale. Do we listen to not just the notes of individual ideas, to the arrangement of varied sector activity, but to the entire symphony? A random thought I throw in here.

Below are the “winners”, the few longs that made it, with daily, weekly price action and elevated trading volumes. I include with the charts, some suggested stop loss points, for what it’s worth. I have multiple systems, but this one is clean and I feel comfortable posting it. The Risk/reward on these stops vary, but experience has taught me that these stops are workable for the longer time frame/smaller trading size approach.

As an aside, I don’t do price targets. Prediction is difficult, to put it mildly, and I know I’m not good at it, but I can at least help suggest some points to “cry uncle” and move on if any of these ideas are opened at the beginning of the week associated with a post.


Suggested stop loss: 17.45


Suggested stop loss: 77


Suggested stop loss: 24


Suggested stop loss: 8.4


Suggested stop loss: 15.4


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