Trades as of 08/08/14: $AMT $BITA $SBAC $X $FI $FULT $HIBB $LUK $MR $VOLC

The back drop: The market averages have most indices falling to longer time frame trend lines going back to 2008/9 or ready to test 50, 100 and 200 day averages. As usual, everyone is on the fence, lots of fingers pointing at les crises du jour (plural is intended) but still hoping for the post oversold bounce. Meantime, long dated treasuries keep on chugging upwards, despite the “reality” of living in a post-QE age everyone (sans the actual rate hike yet to come), emerging markets have make a comeback, and so have certain high growth issues. Precious metals may regain their luster, on a near-term 30 day basis which makes me think about comments from Paul Singer about gold. Gundlach, my go-to for bonds, is all about long-dated US treasuries, dollar denominated emerging markets debt and going short homebuilders. Just a decade ago we were under threat of McMansions and now it’s all about the micro-apartment and hotels. (By the time there’s a micro flat ETF, it should be time to go “huge” again.)

Below are charts from this week’s weekly filters, with suggested stops. Frankly, the sells and shorts are piling up but some of them have terrible risk/reward prospects. If a trader insists on trading, and shorting falling long knives, then small trading sizes are for the best. This post includes only those with elevated trading volumes.


suggested stop loss: 92.4


suggested stop loss: 52.6


suggested stop loss: 101.8


suggested stop loss: 30.4


sell/short, suggested stop loss: 22.6


sell/short, suggested stop loss: 12


sell/short, suggested stop loss: 50.3


sell/short, suggested stop loss: 25.7


sell/short, suggested stop loss: 31.6


sell/short, suggested stop loss: 15.1

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