New Segment, FUTURES IDEAS: 10 Year Treasuries $ZN_F $ZS_F $ZC_F $CC_F $KC_F

A new segment post, for futures contracts, with suggested charts and potential stop loss prices.
10 year treasuries continue to be a long, “softs” are long, grains just keep getting lower. I don’t know where the turn is in rates. I can’t do bottoms or top calls either in softs or grains, but I can calculate stops and suggested them as “food for thought” (pardon the pun).


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 126-17, suggested stop loss 124-15.


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 1048-4, suggested stop loss 1131


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 376-6, suggested stop loss 410-4


Weekly Chart, 8/15/14 close 3243, suggested stop loss 3097


Weekly Chart, 08/15/14 close 193+, suggested stop loss 163+


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