Market ebullience levels up across the board. Any discussion about “tops” and “bottoms” can be stressful, so don’t bother.


The market has presented all kinds of “long” ideas, in a variety of industries, classes. The above list is just a sampling of the ones that made it for review tonight on a rolling weekly price action review. I can’t call tops or bottoms, and it would be too stressful to make the “call”. I have read recent postings RE: Shiller/CAPE, Gundlach, Chanos in addition to price following systemic/rules based traders. All you can do is focus on risk management, so that WHEN the turn does come, you’re able to keep most of your “chips” and play the new short/sell trend (or at least sit it out, like one of Jesse Livermore’s inspirations, at some mountainside retreat or other tranquil/fun setting).


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