Trades in 60 Seconds: $AAPL $CENX $GGP $GS $PEIX $SLCA $TLT

A lot of narratives for each of these tickers, all at new highs, and with elevated trading volumes, BUT the common denominator, regardless of stock, sector or story, is PRICE. As always I filter on a weekly price basis, with an eye for how new or old the trend is, how much volume was traded in recent periods and dollar volume of the trade. Suggested entries are based upon the closing price of the most recent weekly price bar, and suggested stops are offered to give a sense of the suggested dollar risk per share. It’s up to each trader to decide the cost of the risk, exposure (i.e. size), based upon their respective systems. Maybe some or none are useful to you, but it’s up to your system.


entry 102.5, stop: 97.6


entry 25, stop: 22


entry 24.6, stop: 23.5


entry 179, stop: 171.1


entry 23.1, stop: 19.6


entry 71.8, stop: 63.9


entry 119, stop: 115.2


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