This week’s broader sell/short list for 9/21/14: $ESV $MAT $SDRL $RIG $RRC $VMI $MPEL

This week, I decided to break out a list of sells, as I see evidence of a group-wide movement among oil service/drillers, which appear to be another way of shorting a USD-denominated commodity, crude oil, and silver. (Mattel, however, is the odd one out, and makes toys and who knows what’s going on there.) These are symptoms of a record climb (10 weeks of successive highs (not seen since LBJ) and counting) in the U.S. Dollar, which might be the beneficiary of forces including the Federal Reserve taper and a begrudging European “QE” program launched to contend with a EU slowdown. $ESV $MAT $SDRL $RIG $RRC $VMI $MPEL ESV_092114 MAT_092114 MPEL_092114 OII_092114 RIG_092114 RRC_092114 SDRL_092114 SLV_092114 VMI_092114


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