random musing on bitcoin public ledger + Internet of things => data mining

Can say an toaster, beginnning with OEM I.O.T. of subcomponents, created during a 3D maker’s creation of the bespoke said item, then be put into cloud “public ledger”, so that it can be tracked from usage manufacturing efficiency, through lifetime maintenance, usage rates, consumption habits, ultimately to recycling be data mined? Could then this data mining be part of increasing manufacturing, consumption efficiencies/patterns? Could such data then be tied into such processes related to raw material(old school mining/recycling)/transportation(delivery of item to user)/powering(electrons/photons for heat and information systems) supply chain management, agricultural/bio-tech aspects of the “bread” fed into “toaster”?

Pseudonymity would overlay the “public ledger” (the bitcoin part of the protocol) so that data mining would occur without invasive effect, except of course for the inevitable ad-sourcing/seeking financing, within a separate economic/social activity layer related to the “toaster”, which might be related to the payment for/rent-seek of manufacturing, harvesting/bio-growth/sourcing of bread,production of grid/solar-arrayed sourced electrons and consumption of the bread?

Could increased efficiencies then reduce the likelihood of smoke detectors from being activated by burnt bread, making such a thing even less likely? 🙂

just a thought.


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