“Change your perception of motion…” – @JamesAltucher

“Change your perception of motion and you change your potential for happiness.” – @JamesAltucher

via James Altucher’s blog post: “How To Master Any Game and Beat Everyone”

“Example: someone wrote to me the other day that they had made $50 million dollars when they were very young. Then very quickly, the person had lost $30 million and was feeling horrible.

…”Well, what if you had simply gone from $0 to $20 million, rather than from $0 to $50 million and then down to $20 million?”

You would be in the exact same situation, but you probably wouldn’t feel horrible.

Our minds give great weight to the perception of motion. The way to get around this is to rewire the mind to show that forward motion was still there, it just doesn’t seem that way because of how you were perceiving it.”


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