Trades in 60 Seconds for week of 10/6/2014: from $ABX to $ZTS

An early look at this past week’s high flyers and deep decliners reveals the power of recent trends in raw materials and the U.S. Dollar. Weekly price bars, with volume filters, indicates trends that emerged in late summer have persisted. Is it “oversold”? According to conventional measures, then the answer is “sure looks like it” but shorter time-frame traders have to deal with that. Price followers with a judicious application of risk-management and a longer time frame may well consider riding these trends. See immediately below for potential “stop exits” to offer a suggested risk cost per idea as well as other trading ideas.

entry 101.2, stop 85.7

entry 23, stop 22.6

entry 214.6, stop 204.7

entry 122, stop 112

short 114.6, stop 119.2

short 11.5, stop 12

short 11.1, stop 12

short 57, stop 52.6

short 14.1, stop 15.7

short 60, stop 63

short 16.1, stop 17.3

short 20.2, stop 23

short 38.2, stop 42.1

short 30.1, stop 34


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