Futures Charts for week of 10/06/2014 $AUDUSD $USDCAD $CL_F $6A_F $6C_F $FXA $FXC $USO

With weekly price charts, systemic price following traders will miss out on the initial “breakout” as the US Dollar rally took down the entire commodity and USD-denominated complex of futures prices. Silver, the yen, the euro have been sells and Gold and oil have joined in during the past 4 to 6 weeks. Coffee is the one glaring exception, which in a way underlines the very real strength in that trend. In this post, the Australian dollar, under my filters has been a sell and this week marks an all-clear to sell/short, same for the Canadian dollar. Suggested stops are about 3cents for the Aussie and Loonie. The suggested stop for West Texas Intermediate Crude futures is about 96 to 97 dollars a barrel (or about 36.25 for $USO etf, assuming a 33.7 short entry).




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