Trades in 60 Seconds: SELLING $AGU $ABX $MOS $MDRX $AU $GES $MAT $OMI $CPA $TS


This is a fascinating list, following last week’s 60 Seconds list. Usually I filter the list for volumes, highest high, lowest low, etc and give you tidbits for a 60 second slide show. There are NO highs here to speak of, no new longs from this filter, for trade price, high, trading volume and trading volume averages. That being said, there aren’t many new lows on this list, most of the “damage” was done in past weeks already.

The market has been selling off for weeks, with fewer and fewer leaders, for those of you who look at metrics like New Highs minus New Lows (aka “NH-NL”), and small caps were long gone, as have all “inflation” plays, and bonds are back. Energy is characterized as “oversold” in a time when you have warfare and strife in EVERY country known for energy, and yet oil sold off week after week during the recent quarter. The “discounting mechanism” within and the “forward looking” aspect of the market is saying “SELL”.

Short-time frame traders will be looking for swings and “bottoms’. Not my system or time frame on a consistent basis. There will be occasional punts but I wouldn’t rely upon it for my bread & butter trade approach.


short 134, stop 15.3


short 82.8, stop 90.2


short 10, stop 14


short 97.9, stop 111.2


short 20, stop 22.3


short 28.7, stop 31.9


short 12.8, stop 14.2


short 40.8, stop 44.2


short 31.7, stop 33.1


short 38, stop 43


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