What You Need To Know About Zero Knowledge


Anonymity? Privacy? How quaint. We live in a world bedecked with ever more cameras, ever more sensors, ever more drones, ever more data, ever fewer things that can be hidden. TLS and Tor can hide your online browsing, true — but, realistically, everything important you do, online or off, can easily be audited and tracked.

True, you can still send private messages. Signal/RedPhone/TextSecure from Open WhisperSystems are the gold standard for secure messaging, and Dark Matter looks interesting. But if you want to go beyond messaging into transacting, your luck runs out.

Consider Bitcoin. It’s infamous as the currency of choice for dark markets — but it’s also, “in a sense, the least anonymous money that has ever existed, since every transaction is observable by anyone with a bitcoin account,” to quote economist David Friedman. Just ask alleged Silk Road kingpin Ross Ulbricht, who had 700,000 bitcoin on his…

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