This is what Uber looked like before it took over the world


Today Uber operates in 57 countries with more that 160,000 drivers, but back in 2010 Uber was just a couple of bros with the dream of turning a mere cab ride into the kind of experience worthy of, in the words of founder Travis Kalanick, “a frickin’ pimp.” An “UberCab,” if you will.

“For almost a century the process of requesting a car service has been extremely similar to what it is today,” the founders wrote in their very first UberCab blog post, still up on a Tumblr site unearthed by the site “You could place a request by telephone for a car arriving the next day or you could walk to the street and hope that an available taxi would happen to pass by at the same time.”

Uber is in the midst of planning a massive, two-building, 423,000 square-foot headquarters in San Francisco’s Mission Bay neighborhood…

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