Introducing SliceMatrix: a tool for the exploration of large matrices


Screenshot from SliceMatrix Screenshot from SliceMatrix

For a lucky few MKTSTK readers, today you found a surprise in your email inbox. You see, way back in April we hinted at the forthcoming release of a software tool for visualizing large correlation matrices. We initially named it Corexplore and to gauge interest we put out some feelers in the form of a signup via our storefront. The response was pretty immediate: the idea sounded great so we thought about a time-line and got to work… As we worked we realized that this could be more general than just looking at correlation: these data visualizations would be useful in representing ANY large matrix in an intuitive way. Thus we changed the name to SliceMatrix.

Zoom forward three months later and its kind of obvious that we were WILDLY optimistic about the amount of effort it would take to even get to the Beta…

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