Month: March 2016

Limits of Machine Learning Part 2


Last week’s podcast was pretty negative on the value of machine learning in trading, so this week I wanted to provide my own counterpoint and explore life within the limits I identified earlier.

Specifically, I wanted to begin mapping the things machine learning algorithms might really be great at doing in the world of trading and finance. 

This podcast is presented in a slightly different manner to the first: I have broken up the audio into four chunks. The last track is a music track I enjoy. I’ve very rarely let MKTSTK become personal in any way so I want to melt the ice a bit… if you hate the music (or the sound of my voice for that matter) just hit stop and you’re done 🙂

(here’s a link to the soundcloud page with the podcast in case it doesn’t embed in your browser/email:

Also, in case anyone is…

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