Interesting price breakouts, for January 28, 2013, $LNKD $KORS $ROSE $CHUY $MTH $$ h/t incl: @sectortrends @macromon @sjosephburns @antichartjunk among many traders

LOTS of new highs, presented by the market’s current admixture of ebullience and trepidation. Right now, there seems to be more buys than sells within the equity-verse.  In summary, I present charts of $CHUY $KORS $MTH $ROSE $LNKD, and one to “watch” $OIH, an ETF that tracks the PBOE Oil Service Index (^OSX):






And one stock-tweeter, @sectortrends, has observed, the PBOE Oil Service Index has broken a longer term “descending trend line”, extending back to ’07 – ’09.  I observe recent fresh highs, with a potential build towards higher lows and highs. In addition, another stock-tweeter, @macromon, has observed how Dow Transports, as a leading indicator, presage the rise in energy demand and prices.


following, via @macromon:

jan22_transports LEADS crude by 2 months or so 012213


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